Have you a Partner Team, Business Development Team, a Relationship Management Team or a Sales Team that are technically excellent at what they do but are challenged when it comes to engaging and winning more clients in a world where getting access to - and the attention of high value prospects and clients - has become harder than ever?

If so, then this proven workshop program delivers the skills, competence and confidence to accomplish just that and how to be successful at:

  • Creating Compelling Business and Sales Messages
  • Advanced Networking Skills to Attract New Opportunities
  • First Contact - Creating Rapid Rapport & Trust
  • Connecting in Color – Adapting Quickly to Different Personality Types
  • Influencing and Managing Successful Meeting Outcomes
  • Presenting for Profit and Impact - Delivering Winning Presentations

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"Bringing Sean into our business in BT was a great move and results were almost immediate.If you want your team to get movitated and drive improved results, then hire Sean !"

Peter Russell
General Manager BT Business N.I.

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