High Trust Presenter

Learn how to present and speak with confidence and impact, with Sean Weafer. This program unlocks the power and the rewards of being a successful and engaging presenter/speaker by helping you learn:

• How to create a powerful and engaging opening to any presentation.

• How to structure a presentation that holds the attention of a modern audience.

• How to create a Power Point presentation that works.

• How to develop confidence and fluency when presenting.

• How to handle questions during a presentation.

• Discover how to manage difficult audience participants.

• Learn how to de-construct and re-build your own presentation for best results.

• Receive professional feedback on your presentation and delivery style

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"In working with Sean one gets a sense of accomplishment and clarity that in my opinion puts him at the very top of an area which is often misrepresented. Sean’s approach is explicit, action driven, and most of tailored to the challenges of the leader or organisation. His methodology is the most succinct and complete I’ve seen and I credit him with being the catalyst of positive change for me in the time I have worked with him."

Paul Prior
Director, Strategist & Innovator, Vision Consulting

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